KLEMATCH® offers unique benefits for billiard enthusiasts of all levels:

Thanks to this know-how, KLEMATCH® cushions provide performances with unique precision and durability over time that are recognized by internationally known professional players.

Product range for all varieties of billiard sports

Rebound specifications of KLEMATCH® are optimized for all kinds of tables.

For other length or packaging please contact our sales office.

Unique material – experienced process

The strips obtained by molding have a profile with a more regular geometry. That is why we use this method instead of extrusion for the manufacture of the KLEMATCH® cushions.
The cushions’ profile regularity obtained by molding allows players a game with greater accuracy. A molded strip manufactured from the finest rubber mixtures like a KLEMATCH® cushion, allows players to combine performance and accuracy for optimum satisfaction with a maximum service life.